Retribution - Retribution Full 15 Mins

Retribution Full 15 Mins

Movie upload : 20/08/2021

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A Peruvian Family Borrows Money from Mr. G and when they fail to pay it back Mr G sends in a “Cleaner” who burns down their Barn and when the father, mother and brothers rush in to save the horses the roof collapses as a young Natalia watches from the window as her family perishes.

Orphaned and abused by her new family she emerges grown seeking “RETRIBUTION” and comes to Miami to find Mr. G and take care of “Family business”.

Going to work at Mr. G’s Dance Club he finds out that he has been targeted for termination and thinks he’s taken her out of the equation but with the help of her sister comes back for the final Venganza.

This fast action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as noting is as it seems when it comes to RETRIBUTION “It’s Never Over”.