Account & Billing

How do I Cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to see you go! If you need our technical support to continue enjoying your subscription, please reach out to us through email at [email protected]

To easily cancel your subscription, please review your bank statement to confirm how you are being charged for The Movie Studio, and then follow the appropriate method below.  Please be aware, if you signed up through iTunes, Google Play or Amazon, you can only manage you’re the Movie Studio account through their dedicated platform.

Cancel my subscription through The Movie Studio (for accounts created directly through our website):

1. Visit Your Account (Link) page.
2. Select the Cancel link.
3. Follow the prompts to unsubscribe

Cancel my subscription through iTunes App Store (iPhone or iPad)

1. Launch The Movie Studio App on your device.
2. Look for Settings on the bottom far right of the app.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Manage Account. The account profile will then redirect you to your iTunes account where your subscription details are located.
5. Select The Movie Studio.
6. Select Cancel Subscription and follow instructions to confirm your selection. (If the bottom of the screen says "Select an option to resubscribe," you have already unsubscribed and the app expiration date is visible.)
7. Select Done to save your changes.

Cancel my subscription through Google Play Store (Android)

1. Launch the The Movie Studio App on your device.
2. Look for Settings on the bottom far right of the app.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Manage Account. The account profile will then redirect you to your Google Play account where your subscription details are located.
5. Under Subscriptions find The Movie Studio.
6. Select Cancel Subscription and follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

Forgot Password:

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by visiting the reset password page at

  • You will be required to input your email address in the box and hit the Submit button.
  • Once the request has been submitted, you will receive an email with a link to create a new password.
  • Follow the link on the email and you will be required to input your email address, create a new password, and confirm the new password. Hit the Submit button and you will receive a confirmation message on screen indicating that your password has been reset.
  • Return to the sign in page and enter your email address and new password to start navigating The Movie Studio again!

Referral Program

The Movie Studio referral program coming to you soon. Stay tuned!

How do I pause my subscription?

We offer features to work with your lifestyle such as offline playback on mobile devices, but we also completely understand if you need to take a break! When you pause your subscription, it takes effect on the first day of your next billing cycle. You will not be charged for the duration of months you choose to pause your subscription.

To pause The Movie Studio subscription

1. Visit your Account page.
2. Locate the Plan Details section.
3. Select the Pause button to the right of Next payment.
4. Choose the duration you would like to pause your subscription (1, 2, or 3 months).
5. Select Pause Plan

At the end of the specified pause period, your subscription will reactivate and your monthly payment will be processed automatically. If you choose to cancel during the pause period, you will not be billed.

You may reactivate your subscription on the Account page any time.

Please note: This option is only available if you are a monthly subscriber and your credit card is billed directly through The Movie Studio. Unfortunately, pause is not currently available for 3rd party registered accounts such as Apple, Google, Amazon.

Subscribing/Managing CuriosityStream using Roku, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Billing

In addition to creating accounts through our website,, you can create your account using a different Billing payment method, (i.e. apple, google play.

Customers who sign up using a different Billing method outside of our website, are able to manage/update their accounts using the instructions per device. You will also reactivate your account through this method.

If all is updated correctly you will receive a message that will say you are was successfully resubscribed.

Google Play

To Manage Your Account

  • Go to The Movie Studio APP > Settings > Manage Account
  • Select - Change Subscription Plan or Manage Subscription on GooglePlay
  • If you are changing plans - Select the new plan through clicking Change Subscription Plan
  • Hit Confirm

Please note, to reactivate or cancel, select "Manage Account on GooglePlay" option on the menu you will see within the The Movie Studio app.

Itunes from iPad/iPhone App

Open the The Movie Studio App

  • On the bottom of the App on the far right you will see SETTINGS
  • Click SETTINGS
  • Click Manage Account
  • The account profile will then redirect you to your iTunes account where your subscription details are located

Taxes Applicable to Your Subscription

Certain jurisdictions require The Movie Studio charge a sales tax, value added tax, or similar such tax to subscribers who are located within a taxing jurisdiction. The Movie Studio will add the applicable tax, if any, to the subscription plan price for only those subscribers located in a taxing jurisdiction. Subscriber location is determined based upon the billing information provided by the subscriber. For those subscribers located in a jurisdiction that does not charge an applicable tax, no amount will be charged beyond our subscription plan price.

For subscribers located outside of the United States, the amounts billed may vary over billing periods due to fluctuating foreign currency rates and currency conversion fees. International customers are subject to taxes applicable to their country.

You may change your streaming plan at any time by visiting your account page! It's quite simple

1. Visit your account page.
2. Select the Change Plan link within the Plan Details section of the page.
3. Choose the plan that you would like to change to. You will automatically be switched to the new streaming resolution (4k <-> standard) or billing period (monthly <-> annual).
4. Your card will automatically be charged at the start of your next billing period in the amount of your new plan!

Restarting or Reactivating your Account Subscription

The Movie Studio users may restart their account subscription at any time by visiting their account page and clicking on the 'Reactivate Account' button. Upon submitting this request, you will be automatically subscribed for the next billing period.

The Movie Studio Gift Cards

Coming Soon!